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:untitled Feb. 3rd, 2002 @ 11:47 pm
My Love,


Whom I most desire


My soul’s innermost


My Beloved, my only.

It is you I hunger for,

My bread.

My soul is


by your words, face touch


I thirst for You -

your eyes,

my overflowing cup.

I am aching


for you

My soul torn apart

by the force of


Love that is

pounding deep inside

these hidden walls.


I crave you

Crave and crave

My heart bursting forth

With this love

For you

Love and love

I want you



Want desire

My love,

You are my pulsebeat

You, whom I cannot touch,

Touch me


Whom I cannot hold

Hold me dear

For I am closer than close

Lay your head upon me here

Listen love,

For my heart -

It breathes your name.©
Current Mood: arcane

:More Sep. 14th, 2000 @ 02:06 am
I feel


In my heart

You’re in my head

You know me

In ways

No one has ever



I am




In your


In your arms, your gaze



Soft, sweet

Bold, real

You are all of these




I feel


You’re inside me

-Part of me-

My thoughts


A place

No one has ever


A place I’d hoped

Someone (you)

Would find


You’re so close

Do you see

Through my eyes

Hear my heart


-Feel me-

Reaching out

To you

-I am-

Reaching out to you

-I am-

Wanting to know


Your hopes



What makes you

Laugh out loud

Smile inside


What fills you up

Makes you whole

Breaks your heart

Leaves you aching

For answers

-I want to know-

These things

I want to know

all these things


Current Mood: sincere

:Rush Aug. 28th, 2000 @ 01:19 pm
It's 3am the world wrapped
up in its starry night blanket sleeps I'm going down the highway shaky pin
points to 105 I like the feel my hands wrapped round leather shaking steering
wheel trees rushing by in obscure blurs weaving in and out of imaginary traffic
real thoughts merging dissolving into space time stands still and flies by my
window wings suspended then freed into the night my eyes wide open white
knuckled rush heart restless thrill seeking speed deep breathing blood coarsing
adrenaline feeds my temporary oblivion what a rush
Current Mood: rejuvenatedrejuvenated

:Under The Canopy of Stars I Lie Here Dreaming .. Aug. 17th, 2000 @ 06:40 pm
"...I sat along the riverbank

The hills were strewn with wildflowers

The air with every breath, perfumed

I must have gazed in awe for hours

I laid back on my earthy bed

The sky, a velvet canopy

The gentle breeze caressed my skin

I closed my eyes and thought of thee..."


I wish you were here

Sitting beside me on the riverbank

Watching the sun begin to set off in the distance

The flowers are pretty here

All the wild things, they grow wherever

They feel

Where they are free

I can almost hear them laugh as

The evening breeze tickles

Their petals

It is a secret they do not share

The sun is setting

Beyond the bridge that spans

Somewhere between the past and present

The shadow of a Trumpeter Swan glides

Across the water's gentle flow

It is alone...

Thoughts drift like gossamer clouds back and forth

through the atmosphere of my mind

I close my eyes and begin to float away upon

The thought of you here with me...

:hi blue planet Aug. 17th, 2000 @ 06:40 pm
So you finally found me - I'm
happy to see you - I'm not sure what will be written here yet, but I like to
write poetry so I'm sure there will be some of that as well as senseless
ramblings from time to time.
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: Chris Cornell - Pillow of Your Bones
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